Operating Model Canvas – Companion Workshop

In 2017 Andrew Campbell, Mike Guttierrez and Mark Lancelott authored the book Operating Model Canvas. As an enhancement to the famous 2010 Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder; the book expands the operating model, or supporting side of the business model. The Operating Model Canvas is a colourful and graphically illustrated text providing a set of tools and approaches for developing “high level” operating models.

The canvas presents an overview of the potential operating model and explains the logic of converting a strategy into a more practical communication of what the future operation needs to do to support the chosen change in strategic direction.

As the book says ” This is a high level Operating Model and typically is no more than 10 pages”; the course is targetted specifically at that and no more.

This training event is designed to directly compliment the book. It takes delegates step by step through the approaches given in the book Operating Model Canvas to produce a POLISM canvas and to populate an appropriate selection of the 13 supporting diagram tools. Business Model Canvas – and is effectively a “plugin” for the supporting or operational side of the business model. The prefered approach is to use the clients transformational challenge as the case study so that by the end of the tranining event we not only have a team trained in the operation canvas techinques but a usable Outline Operating Model in line with the contents of the book. If this is not appropriate we will provide a case study as an alternative,

The workshop starts with outlining POLISM and how it fits within  Alex Osterwalders Business Model Canvas. Using sybdicate sessions we then go through the process of connecting customer segments to propositions and then working with value chains/streams to inform the P of POLISM. The POLISM canvas is then completed letter by letter through the means of syndicate sessions supported by short positioniong training sessions prior to “hands on” work. In a similar manner we explore some of Andrew Campbell’s 13 supporting tools where they can help to give greater clarity to the operating model.

If you are looking for a variety of tools and a comprehensive overview of Target Operating Model techniques; with evaluation and comparison, including going beyond high level diagrams  to more detailled design,  then we refer you to our wider Target Operating Model Course Target Operating Models.

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