“Lean Sigma is a combined methodology that brings together six sigma and lean principles. It is a basket of techniques and tools used to improve the efficiency of business processes and to create a better experience for your customers”.


Lean Sigma

We offer a learning development programme in lean-sigma in partnership with corporate clients who wish to format and brand their own offering within their organisation that is appropriate to their market and business.

We work to define the syllabus, certification standards and then manage  the ongoing training delivery, assessment and certification on behalf of the client company.
This generally takes the format of short management awareness courses “yellow belt” and supplemented by “project implementer” courses –  “green belt”.

We advise clients that evidence of implementation of techniques and principles, in a real initiative, is essential for green belt status and assess a presented portfolio as a means to accreditation.

We also offer a level 4/5 foundation programme in “business decision making” to underpin any staff who have not been exposed to basic statistical concepts, spreadsheet work and data presentation prior to joining a lean sigma team.

To Download PDF Lean Sigma Yellow Belt

                              LeanSigma Green Belt