One to One: Personal Mentoring

One To One Tuition

People have different learning styles; for some the traditional three day classroom course in a group of others, whom they may not necessarily feel comfortable with, or it is not their scene. Often this type of learner likes to investigate and reflect at their own pace which is where a personal mentoring approach comes to the fore.

Personal Development in Business Change – Tailored to suit your needs

17673-Laptop-Graphic-webTogether we plan a bespoke, personal development programme. This is made up of suitable modules and case studies to give you the skills applicable to the business and organisation that you work within. By learning new skills you will gain the ability to undertake best practice business design and the shaping of business change. This will add demonstrable value in your job role.

This is delivered through a mix of mix of online resources and web tutorials.A qualified trainer will tutor you, according to your business needs and you will have access to a set of e-Learning modules of informative content. These are supported by references and links to information, with quizzes and case studies.It is easy to fit in continual professional development into your busy schedule in this way as you can learn when and where at your choice.

Course Structure
● Personal webinar tutorials at a time convenient to yourself.
● Work at your own pace and time – evenings/weekends if required.
● E-learning modules designed to aid various learning styles.
● Assessment through quizzes and case study exercises
● Hosted on a private learning management website.

Currently we offer Personal Mentoring in:

Details of suggested content can be seen on the relevant course description pages. The descriptions for the traditional courses are a basis for the bespoke personal mentoring where modules can be added or deleted according to needs. Therefore, if this is your desired approach please contact us for a course designed to your requirements.