Corporate Culture

Working with Corporate Culture

Two Day Seminar
Business change and transformation gives focus to technological implementation and to the processes that support it but often initiatives to instigate changes in organisations fail. This is because the influence of people and the way individuals interact and behave is often not fully understood.

Understanding your current corporate culture and whether it is suitable for your future business design is much harder than dealing with tangible and highly measurable aspects of the business like technological requirements and business processes.pageplus16
When one is immersed in a corporate culture it is difficult to appreciate actually what goes on and “how things are done around here” the perception that what we do is normal and what other organisations do cannot be much different, is a common error. For an outsider looking in, the culture is more obvious than to those working for years within it; it is this issue that this workshop seeks to solve.

This two day seminar examines your existing corporate culture using an excellent well founded cultural classification framework with the use of a variety of questionnaires, workshop activities and discussions exploring the positive and negative sides of particular culture types.

Once the culture has been defined and clearly understood delegates can then work on a target cultural design suitable for their own future organisational design providing firm foundations for the people and organisational dimensions of their “To Be” business architecture.

Content Overview:
• What is culture and why is it important?

• How does culture effect business change?

• Using team sessions syndicates discuss the current culture and produce a learning to see montage of what the organisational culture feels like today.

• The concept of socialibility and solidarity are introduced using a well researched and respected cultural framework.

• The “AS IS” culture is defined using the framework and delegates are assisted to understand what the results mean for them and their organisation.

• Is the current culture or cultures within the organisation a positive or negative form and what does this mean for the company’s future Success.

• The future destination of the business is discussed and a gap analysis addressed based on what we have discovered.

• The “To Be” culture is then explored and “Learning to See” pictures and presentations are developed .

• A set of next steps will be created to inform future work.

On Completion the delegates will:

• Understand the principles of what makes a
culture and how different cultures operate in
other organisations.

Understand what their culture or cultures are today, and to appreciate whether it is a positive or negative manifestation of that culture.

Be aware of how individuals operate within different cultures and what sort of personality thrives within the current culture and whether those thriving today will continue to thrive in any changed future culture.

Understand what parts of today’s culture are suitable for the changes planned and what aspects need to change.
Create a vision for a future cultural designwhich can be used beyond the workshop to develop a transformation plan.

Who Should Attend:

Sponsors of change and their programme managers plus a carefully selected cross section of staff from the group under consideration.

Change teams who may wish to use the exercise to understand how this approach can be used to tackle potential requirement to change the culture in their organisational.

Some current cultural behaviours may well have to be suspended for the duration of the Seminar!


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