Business Model Magic

Business Model Magic -Training Workshop 2 Day.

“A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value”    Alex Osterwalder 2010

If you have ever watched the Dragons’ Den you will have heard people pitching business ideas and Dragons asking questions about the business model. A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates delivers and captures value. It explains conceptually how you will make revenue how products are sold, to

This workshop uses a story board of strategic tools and accelerators leadinoffice4g to a simple visual approach to capture a variety of model choices prior to strategic selection of your chosen business model. It looks at your propositions and your customer groups and gives focus on what needs to be done to make you successful.

If you are in the following scenarios this workshop is ideal for you:
● Starting up a business.
● Evaluating an established organisation.
● Merging or acquiring a business.
● The external business environment threatens the status quo requiring a new approach.

The workshop will help you:
● Visualise your strategy on one page
● Choose the destination of your business
● Understand how the business works.IMG_0160
● Enhance the way you communicate to your people your chosen approach.
● Identify the essentials that make the business “tick”.

Developing a set of potential business models and selecting one for the future is an early part of the discovery phase of a strategy to execution pathway.


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