Business Architecture

“Business architecture is the discipline that shows how the business is constructed to deliver value to the customer experience.”

“A business architecture shows how business objects are connected together to deliver a specified customer experience represented as architectures or architectural views.”
Those were some formal definitions but what is this all about?
Well to be honest business architecture means different things to different people especially around the margins of requirements definition, design and implementation.

However the core of it is a discipline of: tools techniques and management philosophies that take a business strategy and articulate what this means in pragmatic terms – it shows how the business is constructed to deliver that strategy.

A business architecture itself, as an artefact, is the depiction of how parts of the business join up to do what it does.

The discipline of business architecture however  is the process and profession of creating business architectures and communication how a business does what it does.

In recent years there has been a growth in the need to transform businesses into leaner, more effective organisations, as competitive pressures have removed the ability to operate in an inefficient and cumbersome way. The days of inherent waste and “fat” are rapidly disappearing, forcing change upon big and small alike. In reality, the older and bigger your business, the worse the issues can become.A modern business, large or small, needs to be designed, not merely be allowed to develop unsystematically. The designed approach is the essence of business architecture.