Open Courses

Open courses are advertised events at chose venues that individuals or small groups can join to make up a class of different people from different backgrounds and organisations.

The courses are designed to appeal to all comers and therefore the material is general and more of a wide spread appeal.

The benefits are being able to meet others and share experiences, network amongst other transformation specialists and see what other industries are doing.

There are downsides too, which need to be considered: firstly a balance has to be made for all delegates and although questions are welcome there isn’t room for specific in depth exploration of issues unlike on a course dedicated to your organisation. Please be aware that you will not know who will attend; it could be a competitor or people who you don’t want to discuss your change issues/shortcomings with in a public space.

When public courses are to be run we will provisionally advertise a particular event and when sufficient numbers of attendees are achieve the event will be confirmed.

We do run open events on behalf of professional organisations/institutes as part of their master class programme, these are usually one day overview events.